Soleil’s Library 2017



I started collecting books mid of year2014 and I can’t express the happiness I am feeling whenever I see my shelves. How my collection has grown!

My mini library is a mix of all genre and for all ages, as I have three (3) kids (ages 8, 10 and 12) who are all book lovers like me.   At the moment, with all the books I have collected, I  need of at least two (2) more shelves to properly house my books.  I love the feel of the books in my hand especially the hardcover ones. These are mainly my collection since I want my kids to still have these even when they are old and have their own families.

This blog contains my love for books, movies /tv series, and time spent with my family. I believe I am an old soul deep down but my heart and mind are like a teen sometimes. I am a fan of French films and some old/classic movies, even the black and white ones. 

It took me quite some time to finally revamp my site as I need to learn everything from scratch. This blog is like my personal journal so if you feel like knowing what’s going on in my head, hop on and be my guest! Let’s be friends! 





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